Vision and Values

We can do better for working families in Massachusetts.

“I believe in people, and as result, I believe in government.
I believe we can and must do more for families and women’s equality.
I believe affordable and accessible childcare is no longer optional, and state government must win this fight.
I believe in neighborhoods and local community as economic engines.
I believe that when Massachusetts leads, the country follows.”

-Sam Hammar

Vision & Values

No one should have to choose between caring for a loved one and earning a paycheck.

Universal, accessible childcare, paid family and medical leave can give working families the financial stability and peace of mind they need. Sam knows strong families build strong communities and will fight to keep Massachusetts families thriving.


Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed in our economy.

While the Commonwealth’s economy has been booming in many sectors, too many families have felt shut out and left behind. We must rebuild ladders of economic opportunity and ensure everyone gets a fair shake.


Paying for a home shouldn’t break the bank.

Families shouldn’t have to choose between going broke or moving out of the communities they love. With the cost of living continuing to soar across the Commonwealth, we need to adopt bold statewide policies that promote inclusive, affordable housing.


When women and girls win, we all win.

Working families depend on women succeeding both at home and in the workplace. Sam believes that we all benefit when women receive equal pay, access to quality health care, paid family leave, and — most importantly — a seat at the table.


Public schools are the foundation of our communities.

Every Massachusetts child deserves a high quality education. As a former high school teacher, Sam knows that professional support for public school teachers yields creativity and success in the classroom.


We deserve safe, accessible public transportation.

With public transit ridership rising and more cars on the road than ever, we need to invest in multiple modes of transportation. Our legislators should prioritize efforts to improve safety and accessibility for drivers, riders, pedestrians, and cyclists.


Government should belong to the people.

The people of Massachusetts hire us to work on their behalf and it is imperative that we are accessible and responsive to them. This not only includes increasing digital dialogue, which is available 24-7, and but also opening up and exposing more open data for analysis.

Sam is for the people because Sam is of the people.