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An experienced public servant, entrepreneur, activist, and family woman, Sam’s passion and life experiences have covered the gamut–from teaching and tech to advocate for women and families. Born in New England and raised along the East Coast, Sam has watched her single mom juggle three jobs to provide for her family, and her dad struggle as a business owner while managing a chronic illness.

Sam has experienced the challenges of a working family, and she has also seen the resilience and strength that comes from being raised in a family that supports strong values, compassion, and empathy for all. As a daughter first raised by a single mother then by a single father, she has spent a lifetime standing out and standing up for others.

Experience in Public Service Matters.

– Boston Public High School Teacher

– City of Boston Economic Development Project Lead

– Digital Public Services for Commonwealth

– Digital Engagement for the Office of Economic Empowerment

– Women’s Commissioner in City of Melrose

– Melrose Democratic City Committee Chair

Work Experience

Saddled with massive student loans after finishing graduate school at Emerson College, Sam spent the early part of her career teaching journalism and civic activism at the Boston Community Leadership Academy–a part of the Boston Public School system. In this role, she worked with graduating seniors on projects that focused on social advocacy, and tech-focused initiatives aimed at improving their schools, communities, and developing countries.

Sam later began working for the City of Boston to help develop its Innovation District — a 1,000-acre space focused on building the city’s strengths in entrepreneurship, technology, and the creative arts. She left city hall to run the Capital Network as its Executive Director, where she worked with entrepreneurs (some crippled by college loans) who were motivated and driven to get their businesses off the ground. Sam was instrumental in expanding the company’s reach into the entrepreneurial space by developing and nurturing partnerships with organizations such as MassChallenge, Greentown Labs, Cambridge Innovation Center, WeWork, Workbar, and InnoLoft. Sam’s exposure and influence in Boston’s entrepreneurship ecosystem was expanded even further when she  accepted the role of Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Technology.

From July 2016 through this February, she was the Director of Digital Engagement for the Massachusetts Office of the Treasurer and Receiver General. Embedded with the Office of Economic Empowerment, Sam has helped the team advocate for Equal Pay for Women as well as deliver financial literacy education online.

A Passion for Working Families

Reasons for Running

While building her career, Sam was also facing significant challenges at home. After her twin girls were born in 2011, Sam and her husband, John, were faced with the challenge of finding affordable child care–an issue many families with young children struggle with. With no available paid leave, flexible schedule, or work from home policies in place, it was costing Sam her entire income to send their daughters to daycare. But Sam also faced the risk of falling victim to the knowledge gap she would inevitably face if she decided to stay home to raise their children. Knowing this was not an isolated incident, Sam challenged then-Governor Deval Patrick to address the hurdles working women experience, especially in the thriving technology and innovation economy.

Sam and her husband John are active members of the Melrose community. Sam recently served on the Women’s Commission, where she fought for affordable and accessible childcare. She also served as the Chair of the Melrose Democratic City Committee. John is a budget analyst with clients throughout the Boston area. He currently volunteers as the PTO Co-Treasurer for the Lincoln School, where their twin daughters attend kindergarten.

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